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After losing twins at 6 & 10 weeks a few years ago, then having our son last year, my husband & I found out in fall 2014 we were expecting baby #4! God is so good! Throughout the 8 months following, we celebrated, told family + friends, watched our year old son become more aware that something was growing in mommy's belly, & most of all loved on + talked to that sweet baby every single day. Call us old fashioned, but we decided not to find out the gender of this little blessing & opted to be surprised on his/her birthday! The day came & I knew it was time meet that precious baby. 

July 16, 2015 proved to be the hardest day of our lives thus far + the greatest testing of our faith, strength, & love. We met our sweet girl that day, Emerson Iris, although she had already gone to be with the Lord hours earlier. A 100% healthy baby and a very rare cord accident. God is still God & God is still good! We celebrate the life of our daughter & love talking about her + looking back on pictures, ultrasounds, & baby pump photos. I treasure every memory with her from those 9 short months & would do it all over again just to have that time together.

"I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born," says the Lord.
 Isaiah 66:9

In the days following, the Lord reminded me of my love of photography & placed letting him use that love on my heart so heavy I couldn't ignore it if I tried. Along with newborn & family photography, there's another category I hope to bring light to... While in the hospital, the nurses captured some photos of our sweet girl & printed them for us to take home. At the time I thought, "I'm not sure if I want those, this seems strange & really sad", but now I treasure each & every one of those pictures & wish I had a thousand more. I pray the Lord leads + allows me to love on families as they walk this same path; to cry with them, to scream with them, to hope it's just a bad dream & we are going to wake up soon with them. Most of all, to let them know happiness & joy can still be found. I want to capture those precious little ones for their families, even when just getting through that day seems unbearable + impossible. My greatest hope is to create photos that they can look back on for a lifetime and be filled with love for that sweet baby. 

For you have been my strength, and in the shadow of your wings I will shout for joy." 
Psalm 63:7

Anna Darlak Photography

"The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy." 
Psalm 126:3

Thank you for stopping by & reading our story. Whether it's maternity, newborn, couples or family photos, I would love to help capture your family, just as they are in this season, and create images you can look back on for years to come.


*I will forever be grateful for Anna Darlak and her friendship, advice, & guidance in this process. You are truly a blessing in my life & I am so thankful to call you my friend. 

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