Thursday, September 15, 2016

Guess what?!

Goodness, this seems like so long ago already! 

Mac was out of town when I found out Baby #3 was on the way, and instead of just calling to tell him, I wanted to do something fun + document the whole thing. I knew what I wanted to do, have us back to back then turn around and have my timer on the camera, but didn't actually make up a reason for him to do this until it was go-time! I told him I wanted to practice with my self-timer on my camera and had seen this game on Facebook people play with their spouses. I said you ask a question and each answer for the other person, then turn around and see if each person got it right. (What?? Don't ask, it was last minute and I said it fast enough + dragged him outside so quick he didn't have time to think anything fishy was up! lol)

First question, I said, What is your spouses very favorite food? 

Turn around and... surprise! Nope, my board has nothing to do with food, but he got mine right!!

Priceless. Photos I will cherish forever.

(Also, it's so fitting my sweet Ellie girl is using the bathroom in the background baha!! love that dog)

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