Thursday, September 15, 2016

Guess what?!

Goodness, this seems like so long ago already! 

Mac was out of town when I found out Baby #3 was on the way, and instead of just calling to tell him, I wanted to do something fun + document the whole thing. I knew what I wanted to do, have us back to back then turn around and have my timer on the camera, but didn't actually make up a reason for him to do this until it was go-time! I told him I wanted to practice with my self-timer on my camera and had seen this game on Facebook people play with their spouses. I said you ask a question and each answer for the other person, then turn around and see if each person got it right. (What?? Don't ask, it was last minute and I said it fast enough + dragged him outside so quick he didn't have time to think anything fishy was up! lol)

First question, I said, What is your spouses very favorite food? 

Turn around and... surprise! Nope, my board has nothing to do with food, but he got mine right!!

Priceless. Photos I will cherish forever.

(Also, it's so fitting my sweet Ellie girl is using the bathroom in the background baha!! love that dog)

Sunday, September 4, 2016

It's a...

We 100% could not have asked for a sweeter day finding out if this next blessing is a little girl or boy. Friends & family filled the room as we watched our sweet little one up on the big tv, snoozing away because of the cloudy day outside, perfect napping weather folks! The last time I laid on that same chair, we were looking at teeny tiny Mason, although "It's a boy" wasn't spoken this day, even though I was sure it would be! I couldn't have been more surprised as she proclaimed "It's a girl!" and excitement filled the room. Another precious perfect baby girl is on her way and we could not be more excited. We know she was handpicked by her sister in heaven & we couldn't be more excited to snuggle this sweet little girl soon & very soon! God is God, and God is good! 

(swaddle: Modern Burlap)

"The Lord has done great things for us, & we are filled with JOY" 
Psalm 126:3

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