Thursday, June 9, 2016

Sanders | Graduation Session

This beauty walks across the stage oh so soon, but 1st she's off to Italy for one last class..."Pairing Food + Wine" Yep, you read that right- unfortunately, she forgot to bring ME ;-) We had such a fun afternoon walking around campus just before she left to get some graduation photos. It's always fun to walk Clemson's campus again and I can't believe it's been so long since I graduated (#feelingold you guys) We are so so proud of you Leslie & cannot wait to see you get your diploma!! Here are some of my favorites! 

My favorite bloopers...EVER! Please note, champagne bottles explode even bigger when opening the second time, y'all! It was just too much fun, though- haha!

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  1. its ideal for summer dates and special occasions. It actually comes with a very thin overlay but it was hot that day and since I had a big heavy gown to carry family graduation photoshoot


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